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Saltney Ferry Learners

Our ‘Saltney Ferry Learners’ statement:


Saltney Ferry Learners are fit for the future:

Saltney Ferry Learners... have the attitudes required to tackle the challenges of the future.

The development of Learning Powers drives our curriculum. As a result, children have a growth mindset and the transferrable skills and dispositions that make them fit for their future in a diverse world. We equip children with the skills to succeed: curiosity, independence, concentration, collaboration, perseverance, resilience, imagination and of course a have a go attitude through a love of learning. They are brave enough to take risks. Faced with an unpredictable future, a growth mindset allows our children to see future challenges are actually opportunities to succeed.


Saltney Ferry Learners are fit for the future because:

  • They are resilient, recognising that learning is hard;
  • They enjoy challenging themselves;
  • They recognise that learning can make them feel good even though it is tough at times;
  • They are honest learners and will admit when they don't know;
  • They sustain effort and do not give up;
  • They learn from their mistakes;
  • They are positive thinkers and develop a ‘have a go’ approach;
  • They reflect and make time to improve.


Saltney Ferry Learners enjoy success:

Saltney Ferry Learners... thrive on challenge, take pride in effort and relish success.

Our approach to schooling and our curriculum ensures that every child is challenged on a daily basis. We believe that everyone has the potential to improve and that effort and a positive attitude can make anything possible. This growth mindset approach brings success. Children succeed when they take responsibility for themselves and are accountable for their choices.


Saltney Ferry Learners enjoy success because:

  • They have positive ‘have a go’ attitudes and a growth mindset which support their self-belief, personal drive and determination;
  • Hard work is expected and encouraged even through times of challenge;
  • They know to take advantage of the opportunities which lead to successful learning and achievement.


Saltney Ferry Learners are compassionate:

Saltney Ferry about themselves, others, and life on our planet.

At Saltney Ferry we know education and school is more than just about the curriculum. Our responsibility is to develop children as global citizens, and it’s a responsibility we take very seriously. Pupil’s at Saltney Ferry School use empathy to guide their choices. Because they are compassionate they are able to look beyond themselves and consider the needs of others and the wider world.


Saltney Ferry Learners are compassionate because:

  • They are empathetic;
  • They behave kindly;
  • They consider the needs of others and act accordingly;
  • They have the knowledge and self-awareness to take care of themselves;
  • They are proactive citizens who improve the immediate environment and wider world.


Saltney Ferry Learners are inclusive:

Saltney Ferry Learners...are united by their differences and embrace diversity.

We are committed to equality and inclusion. We believe it is crucial that children develop the attitudes which allow them to embrace, value and celebrate difference. We ensure that our children value individuality, each person with their own unique qualities and experiences. We believe that everybody counts: everybody is important, everybody has something positive to offer and together we can embrace the exciting opportunities a diverse world offers.


Saltney Ferry Learners are inclusive because:

  • They are proud of their own identity;
  • They celebrate diversity;
  • They are curious, respectful and compassionate;
  • They are kind and empathic;
  • They are ambassadors for a world without exclusion, bullying or prejudice.


Saltney Ferry Learners are leaders:

Saltney Ferry Learners...are tomorrow's leaders because we foster leadership today.

At Saltney Ferry we foster leadership. Children learn to collaborate and to take responsibility for themselves and others. They make decisions and evaluate them. They identify problems and solve them. They are given genuine leadership opportunities such as a voice for change, choices in learning and decisions about school life. These experiences provide our children with the skills, knowledge and understanding which enable them to become the leaders of tomorrow.


Saltney Ferry Learners are leaders because:

  • They are involved in decisions about their school, their learning and their relationships;
  • They respect themselves and others;
  • They actively participate in a range of practical leadership opportunities;
  • They create partnerships with experts, community enterprises and other schools to develop real-world leadership skills.