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Hello everyone
I would like you to use word online to explain your understanding of condensation. Remember what we talked about in class. Water gets heated, evaporates and then hits a cold surface. Condensation is the reversible change when the water vapor cools down. It turns into water droplets.
Can you find some images of condensation and write about them. If you share it with me I will try my best to mark it.
I have attached a power point presentation about condensation. I hope that it works and that it will be helpful.
Have a great weekend.
Mr M



This week I would like you to look at the Welsh documents that I have put in the resources section of our class page. They are things that we have already looked at  - but things that you NEED to learn. You can use the Newyddion ppt. to revise the past tense language that we have been using.


There is no written homework (unless you would like to write some newyddion dros y penwythnos). Being able to speak in clear sentences is the most important thing at the moment.;

This week your homework is to produce a piece of descriptive writing about Henry VIII.

Using the picture of Henry in your topic book, write at least half a page describing what you can see. 


You could describe: his clothes, how he is standing, the colours used in the painting, the expression on his face. Write why you think it has been painted in this way. Remember you could use short burst writing - adj adj noun verb adverb prep. Use a thesaurus to give you better words. 


I would also like you to design a front cover for your topic book. Use the links on the resource page or google Tudors KS2 and you will find thousands of images. You could also search the resources in HWB and Purple Mash.


Please try and bring this back to school by Tuesday 2nd February. DON'T worry or panic if you can't complete some of it. I will NOT shout!







This week I would like you to: 

  • learn your  words for the Christmas songs
  • talk to an adult and explain the story of "The Tempest"
  • Choose part of the story (not the introduction) and try and write a descriptive paragraph about that part of the story. Two paragraphs or more would also be fine if you want to keep writing. Use SBW strategies to help you: describe nouns to explain what they look like, describe verbs to say HOW someone did something. 
  • To be in for Wednesday 16th November at the LATEST!




  • Listen to the story the children are telling you
  • Don't panic if they can't do it. If they let me know on Monday I can go over it with them.
  • They do have the skills to complete this task. BUT. It isn't worth tears over the weekend.

Mr Martin.